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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Westhaven has been part of the Continuum Towers family for over a decade. Each of our projects within its units combines distinction and elegance with the warm and festive atmosphere of a construction designed to maintain constant contact with nature, especially with the majestic backdrop continually provided by the Atlantic.

Luxurious and relaxing Atlantic view.

However, merging the warmth of our beaches with the cozy atmosphere of the northern part of this vast country presents a different challenge. It involves harmonizing shapes and finishes originally designed to mitigate the heat of Miami with the softness and freshness of the interiors while preserving the essence of classic American and European elegance that characterizes these environments.

The designers of this project, which we recently completed in the south tower of Continuum, challenged us to create this balance, something unprecedented for us. We knew there was a risk of not meeting the expectations of demanding clients, who, nonetheless, showed limitless kindness and sensitivity.

"The reception of a warm and refined place does not diminish the journey through polished and well-designed hallways."
"Classic relaxation by the beaches of Miami... an elegant combination."

We immediately understood the connection they wished to establish and got to work. Renovating units in buildings like the Continuum Towers is not simply a matter of randomly rearranging various areas. There are facilities and codes that cannot be altered, which means facing all these obstacles and achieving customer satisfaction, along with their subsequent approval, is a long and fundamental first step. The shapes of the furniture had to be adapted to better integrate into the environment without losing their essence. Hence the constant collaboration between our designers and the unit owners' team to create the desired atmosphere.

Some of the standout features in this condominium include the use of crown moldings and baseboards, which in some cases elegantly follow the sinuous curvature of the walls. Each of the bathrooms has been individually designed, giving the spaces a unique personality and providing tenants with a diverse and enjoyable experience.

"Rounded and clean corners that lead to a cozy family night."

Lighting has played a pivotal role in creating different atmospheres based on the season and the residents' moods. The columns, some of which are covered with wooden louvers, extend through the drop ceilings, entering the area where the light source originates. This sensation conveys a connection to one's own spirituality, which is essential for self-discovery and the complete relaxation that daily life requires at intervals. Several of the designs evoke vintage styles, ensuring confidence in the longevity of the elements. This is an aspect that Westhaven has taken very seriously when selecting subcontractors who have been responsible for a significant part of this project.


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