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Bathroom Remodeling

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The bathroom is our intimate sanctuary, it is the space that invites us to relax and enjoy a renewing moment, not only on our skin, it also helps us reach a state of superior spirituality that covers many facets within the concept of comprehensive well-being.

Westhaven does not leave this issue aside and beyond using top quality materials and finishes, it takes into account the design that an exquisite marble stone or the whimsical grain that the wood proposes beforehand.

The use of mirrors, the metal items, the indirect and warm lights strategically placed, give a cozy and elegant style to each of our projects.

It is true that the bathroom is an intimate space, however we doubt that you reserve it for yourself and overcome the temptation to show your sanctuary to those special friends who know how to appreciate the fine art of creating clean and relaxing spaces.


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